I am a 27 year employee of the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.  I have spent my career attempting to assist traumatized youth and families.  I was raised in Crown Heights Brooklyn and have had my share of personal trauma throughout life and I have been able to connect with children and families understanding the impact of trauma.  I recently graduated from Excelsior College with a Master’s in Liberal Arts with a focus on Issues in Today’s Society.  My thesis has been published as an Academic textbook: Child Abuse Victims and Combat Veterans with PTSD.  My father was both an abused child and a wounded veteran of the Korean War.  I experienced his PTSD and his means of self healing through education, entertainment, and alcohol.  I am a cancer survivor and a family man.  I look forward to blog posts and conversation that may help others understand and dig in with the many underdogs out there that just need a champion.


2 comments on “About

  1. Nikki says:

    Wow that must of be hard being raised in crowed heights. As a kid lived on Brooklyn ave and saw of violence which effect my life with poor impulsive control and mad at the world.

    Now have I still in therapy to work out my issues. I also changed my living environment and live on ave m and ocean parkway a much better life!’

    • thoeg61 says:

      Well viewing violence as a child can result in poor impulse control. Funny I lived in that area as well. M and Ocean Pkwy. There are impacts on the developing brain that create a lifelong struggle with controlling emotions, impulse control, and for some turning to substances to self medicate and feel regulated. Tell me more Nikki

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